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Colonies are player owned positions that sit in a single location within the game, either on a planet, moon, asteroid, in orbit of a planet, or even floating in free space.

Colonies are where business is transacted, ore is processed, goods are manufactured, and ships are built. A colony is required to perform research or grow crops.

Types of Colonies

Colony Design Philosophy

  • A colony should never be completely self-sufficient. It should require imports from other colonies within and without the system.
  • A colony should be able to specialize to do one thing very well and other things not so well as a consequence.
  • No colony should be able to do everything well.

Colony Overview

A colony can exist on the surface of an object like a planet or a moon or asteroid square. It can also exist in orbit of objects including Gas Giants but not objects like a comet or a star. A colony may also be built in any space square that does not contain a star. Multiple colonies may be built in the same space square.

Colonies are built by a ship or an Expeditionary Force that contain the necessary items in cargo/inventory as an Action. The action will not appear on the Action Panel unless all necessary items are present in one Cargo Hold or XF Inventory. A newly built colony is referred to as an Outpost in the game but is functionally the same as a Class 0 colony.

A newly built Outpost will contain 4 colony complexes: . New complexes may be built if the right pre-conditions such as Colony Class, Technology, or other conditions are met.

In order to encourage trade via starships, it is not expected that a single colony will ever be good at doing everything. Colonies generally need to specialize unless the owner is willing to import large amounts of goods to counteract the morale penalties and other effects that will be the result of trying to do everything at that colony.

For example, just having a Mining Complex will cause a large negative morale drop. The same will happen with a Manufacturing Complex. If both are added to the same colony, an even large penalty will result for both.

Colony Managers will often find it advantageous to build certain complexes or to give certain items to colonists to raise morale. Be aware that certain items will change morale differently based on what type of colonists would typically be found there. A blue collar Manufacturing colony will have different preferences to a Research Colony full of tech geeks.