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A  recent  report in December 2011  from Juniper Research finds  over 1.3 billion users are expected to access social media from mobile devices by 2016  which prompts  the continuing increase in smartphone adoption and  integration of  new trends of mobile social media  which  include geosocial networking  , Location based services and  growth of new Mobile application <br />Geosocial  as part of Mobile Social media <br />The Juniper report  “ Geosocial Networking and Smartphone Adoption to drive Market “ states ; “ the trend to integrate social, local and mobile experiences is driving the geosocial phenomena. People want to find out not only what their friends are doing, but also their location and other available activities in the area. Geosocial networks are particularly suited to the mobile space as most smartphones now include GPS, and have an 'always on, always connected' experience."<br />In bold truth , mobile location based services  provide an effective  geolocation  marketing tool as it combines the exact location and time of the day with a device  that is personal to the owner of the device  thus  providing advertiser the most refined targeted means  to direct approach to the user . <br /> It is a One -on-one form of advertisement , anytime ,anywhere to an y individual with a Mobile enabled internet device ,and this form of advertisement  is vastly superior to  other marketing method available .<br /> [https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id963811227 The mobile social media outlook is positive. ]<br />With prediction that there is a high possibility that the rate of Mobile overtaking traditional PC Internet access in the next few years.  Simple math tells marketers that abundant of opportunities exist within all this Go Mobile technology to present media ads to the right audience at the right  time <br />Besides the cost of telcos mobile plan, virtually everyone will have access to almost free text messaging capabilities from newer application  like  - Whatapps  and  many other new mobile marketing  trends  with use of  devices like  the  smartphones  and PC tablet  introducing new application ,  like  the  Mobile apps, Location Based services  and QR codes  therefore    boosting  the industry with multiple benefits  as such they serve  more than  just mobile customer but  also provide new marketing element for brands and retailing  business  to interact  with customers  to  increase their businesses  both in exposure and profits.<br /> <br />As  the mobile  agenda arises  ;analyst claim that at the same time the mobile advertising throughout the world  will increase from $6 billion last year to $28 billion in Next  3 years.<br />With smartphones’ sales  becoming  more widespread, the growth  situation will remain the same in major  countries , if not more  , so in both the  third world  and  new emerging markets where  users  starts to switch from feature phones to the Smartphone  . At this  same time, sales of personal computers are expected to stay lower unless Windows  8 is able to breach a  big  difference making  user to switch their budget to buying  back  Desktop again  but it is not  likely  as  the Phone’s Mobility  and portability  can yet to be superseded  by Desktop features .<br />Here  it shows, the big change will most likely have an impact on overall advertising revenues. The statistics shows that a lot of companies  will struggle to  extract profits from Internet advertising despite generating large revenues from PC use.<br />The switch for some enterprises  is necessary , as mobile  has proven its niche and  generating  turnover for some  product through mobile advertising  seems  more effective  . One of the good examples is Facebook, which has struggled to really effectively monetize online advertising, as you can see from its dropping share value before the  Great Sandy  Storm . <br />The predictions are that the 68 % of the social networking  users visiting the service through a personal computer this year will drop to 51% in 2016. Users tend to trend using  Mobile Social media . <br />[https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id963811227  Mobile Social Networking -  China  Mobile Connets ]
'''The Drive Section''' of a ship is the section that holds a [[Slipstream Drive]] or a [[Jump Engine]].

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The Drive Section of a ship is the section that holds a Slipstream Drive or a Jump Engine.