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A Jump Drive is a Ship Module that is installed in the Drive Section of a starship. Only starships of class 1.0 or higher have the necessary connecting points to have both a Jump Drive and at least one Slipstream Drive needed for movement in a system.

In order to Jump from one star system to another, a ship must know the location of an IAP and have a copy of that IAP in the company's data library. The ship must then move to the space square of that IAP and click on the Jump command in the Ship Available Move Actions portion of the Ship Screen.

Each jump consumes 100 He3 and will take roughly 12 hours, with the time being modified up or down by the skill of the crew member with the Astrogation skill and also the Time Factor of the IAP being used.

Occasionally a Misjump occurs and is the greatest fear of all ship crew who venture out into the Black.