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Project Libertine is a 4X real time space game.

Design Philosophy

  • Must be fun to play! The game should appeal to the casual and the hardcore player.
  • Earn it to own it. Players will not be coddled by the game or the GM’s. Artificial rules protecting players from each other will be few and far between. Taking risks should be rewarded.
  • As much as possible, everything will have value in the game. This means that information, goods, and services should be able to be bartered or sold between players, corporations, and/or factions.
  • The game must allow multiple modes of play. If a player so desires, they will never have to own a ship. Running a colony, expeditionary forces, corporations, or even just buying/selling on the market should have enough depth of playability to entertain a player that chooses to play that way.
  • Do not annoy the player. The interface should be easy to learn and use, regardless of whether the player has purchased credits. Credits should only add to the playing experience. Lack of credits should not subtract from the playing experience. Credits may enable areas of the game not available to free players, however.
  • The game will be adult oriented, and the GMs will not attempt to control players by artificial rule constructs. This does not mean that the game will be inherently sexual or deviant in nature, but the GM will not monitor or respond to complaints about in-game messages unless cheating or threats against players in real life are involved or laws are being broken (i.e. Child Pornography).
  • The GM will not care if accounts are played by multiple players or if a player creates multiple free accounts. Fifty players ganging up on one new player is not automatically considered a problem by the GM, unless it's happening in established newbie areas. Abusing free accounts will be balanced by in-game limitations.
  • The game must have depth. Even players that have played for a long time should be able to discover new things or new modes of play. The game will strive to elicit "Holy Cow!" reactions even amongst long term players.
  • There will be a story arc in the game. Knowledge of this arc can be viewed as a reward for players. What happened to the people of Project Libertine? Are Humans the only sentient race in this area of the galaxy? What new technologies can be discovered?
  • The game will be player centric. Very few GM controlled ships or colonies should exist. Eventually, even the starting colony may be auctioned to be run by a Mega Corp. No artificial trade routes will exist. Virtually all trading and production will be done by player owned colonies and starships.