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Ships are the basic unit of game play in Project Libertine, and every player begins the game with one small ship with a lone captain.

Ships are constructed in a shipyard at a colony. Ships up to class 4.X may be constructed at colonies located on planets or moons. Ships that are class 5.X or higher must be constructed at an Orbital Colony or a Space Colony due to their large size.

The basic ship in the game is a 0.1 Class starship. This ship has room for 1 Command Module, 1 General Module, and 1 Engine Module. This is referred to as a 1.1.1 ship. Upon upgrading to a class 0.2 ship, the ship gains another slot for a General module and is now a 1.2.1 ship. This continues with each .1 increment, but upon reaching class 1.0, the ship also gains a command and engine slot, so a 1.0 ship would be capable of being a 2.10.2 ship and is the smallest ship that can mount a jump drive.