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Special Abilities are purchased by players using credits and give those players special advantages for their ships, colonies, or expeditionary forces. Special abilities are designed to give players advantages in the game over those who do not purchase them, but should not keep those without them from having fun in the game. Abilities that give serious advantage in combat will be severely limited.

Each special ability will become more expensive the more players or affilations own them. This will encourage differentiation between play styles. Most affiliation special abilities will have a cap on how many affiliations can purchase them and will not be available until an affiliation no longer desires to pay for that special ability. Each player and affiliation will be limited in how many special abilities they will be able to purchase, possibly based on research.

Note: The following abilities are only proposed and are not finalized in the game.

Player Special Abilities

  • Slip Drive Tricks - Allows a 0.5 sq/hr speed boost when traveling across a system map. Does not affect combat or other travel speeds.
  • Sneaky - Gives a 10% boost to Cloaking
  • Crazy Jumper - Allows a ship to initiate a jump 1 space square away from an IAP. Greatly increases the chance of a Misjump.

Affiliation Special Abilities